Friday, November 15, 2013

Dual Show with Christie Shinn @ Greenroom Hawaii

I just laid down the finishing touches on five new pieces for my upcoming show at Greenroom Hawaii. This new series, inspired by the ocean and beach living, is a special one for me as it is the first time I'm featuring prints on wood.

As with last year's Internacional Show, I will only be releasing a one-of-a-kind print of each image. Each print is created on sustainable wood with a unique organic grain. All pieces are UV cured and embellished for some interesting 3D effects. What can I say, I love tactile art!

In addition, I'm excited to be showing alongside one of my personal favorites Christie Shinn. I consider Shinn to be among the most graphically talented and bold painters on the island and one of the first artists to encourage me when I arrived on Oahu in '09. We are so stoked for this dual exhibit.

Finally, this will be my last show before the new baby arrives. Yes, you heard right...Madame Kat is having a wee lil' one! I'll be ready to pop but super excited to be among friends and of course, the fans whom I love so much.

A special thanks to my friends at Greenroom Hawaii for their constant support and loyalty.

Hope to see you all there Saturday, Nov. 23rd from 6-9pm!!

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