Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Video that Inspired Me Long Ago.

Janet Jackson's "Runaway" is by far one of my favorite videos of all time. I remember being a freshman in high school with big dreams of being an artist when this premiered on MTV. The video is chock-full of inspirational images and wonderful dancing from around the globe.

I especially love Janet's choreography:  a mix of Thai, Indian and African rhythms all fused together flawlessly (this IS Ms. Jackson after all!). Her message of love and global inclusion (not to mention that GORGEOUS styling and makeup) is just inspired.

Long ago, this video put a seed of inspiration in my head for my upcoming show titled "Internacional". Sit back, turn this up, and travel around the world with Janet. ;D

Marinera Norteña--Peru's Dance of Love

"Marinera" is Peru's national dance. It is a dance of courtship that showcases a man and a young woman flirting through movement. I've watched this dance performed hundreds of time at parties and other Peruvian celebrations and each time I'm drawn into story, at the edge of my seat, wondering if they'll find love in the end. It's a very dramatic and powerful dance.

The origins of Marinera, like all things Peruvian, are a mix of Andean, Spanish and African descent. Our dances are replete with symbolic meaning. Some say the flowing of the skirt is meant to echo ocean waves, hence the name "Marinera" (Of the Sea). Personally, I've always likened the man's sharp kicks and rapid travel movements to those of a Peruvian  paso horse and the woman's handkerchief, skirt flipping and forward leg kicking to those of a bird. Don't know about you, but I see a horse chasing after a beautiful dove. Very romantic indeed.

India's beautiful dance Bharatanatyam

For my next piece, I will be depicting this classical dance from India. One of the most exciting parts of this project has been researching the music and dances. There are thousands of beautiful dances all over the world so it's very hard to narrow down just a few.

In my research and image finding I stumbled upon the lovely Savitha Sastry. When I saw her dark eyes,  mysterious expressions and sharp movements, I was hooked. This dance is called bharatanatyam, a classical dance inspired by the sculptures of ancient temples in India (as you can see from the sharp poses). Just amazing. Enjoy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hotness in the works

A Preview of What's to Come

"Philippines" work-in-progress, INTERNACIONAL December show by Kat Reeder
Hola Amigos! Check out my latest work-in-progress for my upcoming show in December, "Internacional". The theme of this series will explore different world dances. The show will have a small selection of nationalities. However, this being a "fluid" series, it will grow to include many countries from around the world. Take a look at my latest piece for the Philippines (getting her honey brown locks colored).

Studio Snapshot

My husband posted this photo of me working the other day with the caption "My wife is the captain of her own groovy starship" Hehe. What can I say, I love me some disco balls.

I'm very happy to be working at my new home studio which my dad and husband lovingly designed for me. I find myself spending more time in this room. Between my current art series and new commissions, I basically live here and I love it!

Second Exclusive Design for LeSportsac in Stores Now!

Paradise Bloom, Kat Reeder exclusive in stores now
LeSportsac has just released my newest design for their Hawaii line, "Paradise Bloom"! This marks my second collaboration with the brand and I'm very excited about it. I can't believe we began this project almost a year ago! From the sketching phase to the initial color proofs and meeting the entire NY team, this has been a great experience.

I can't thank LSS enough for the opportunity to showcase my work on their products. The first design "Moana Ahe" has sold tremendously well and we're already getting a lot of requests for this new print. These two designs are only sold in Hawaii so if you're in town don't forget to get your bag at any of the 5 boutiques in Oahu (and in Guam). Mahalo!

LeSportsac Royal Hawaiian store display