Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Newest Private Commission-David & Marta

I'm often asked why I don't draw more boys. My work tends to be female-centered because local girls are just so beautiful. I've wanted to include more kanes in my work so I was excited when this newest commission came in (and just in time for Valentine's Day!)

David and Marta, a young couple from Jersey, asked me to create a romantic image based on their travels to the Hawaii. I often ask clients for personal photographs and anecdotes that might inspire a beautiful piece. David and Marta did not disappoint. One photo stood out to me immediately and it was the one of Rainbow Falls. 

Rainbow Falls is a waterfall located in Hilo, Hawaii. This beautiful spot boasts an 80 ft. water drop into a circular pool, where rainbows can be often be seen in the midst. It is nestled in lush foliage, reminiscent of a Jurassic era. It seems undisturbed, untouched and exotic.

I chose this spot as the backdrop for my couple. I envisioned a young kane serenating his lovely wahine as her hula hands sway in the morning breeze. Romantic, no?
The image above is a sample screen cap of the line work. I like to document the various stages of my work to create a visual timeline. In this initial stage the line work is cleaned up and solid colors are being laid out.

I take inspiration from things around me. Her flower was inspired by a photo my brother shared with me of the most beautiful hibis. I just had to work it into my painting!

I guess this image marks my first depiction of a local boy. Yay! This was a fun image to create not only for the subject matter but because my Jersey couple was so great to work with. Below is a photo they sent me this week of the finished piece in their home.

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