Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I love Hawaiian Airlines

I remember the first time I ever saw a Hawaiian Airlines plane. I was visiting Hawaii for the first time. While standing quietly (but so excitedly) in line, I looked out the terminal window hoping to get a glimpse of Diamond Head. What caught my eye instead was a vision of purple and pink. The face of a beautiful woman blossoming from a flower. It was Pualani "Flower of the Sky", emblazoned on the tail of a shiny new jet.

Being a graphic designer I always pay attention to the small details of brand identity: colors, language, culture, etc. Every designer has that "I wish I'd thought of that" moment. I have this feeling EVERY SINGLE TIME I see an HAL plane...and living in Ewa Beach, that's pretty much every day.

Former Miss Hawaii Leinaala Teruya helped promote original Pualani logo in 1974.

The reason I am so inspired by this artwork is because you don't have to be a designer to be utterly stunned by it's elegance. She's an exotic beauty, gazing beyond the horizon. Wherever she may be going, you want to go with her. She is simple, iconic, and purely sublime.

I find the HAL logo more than inspiring--it is inspired--and that is something that touches me deeply. As an artist I yearn to capture this same spirit; to bestow upon the viewer a desire to get lost in place full of wonder and delight. The way people say my work makes them feel is the way this art makes ME feel.

As I prepare to take another trip with Hawaiian Airlines, I look forward to traveling with Pualani beyond that beautiful horizon.

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  1. Hawaiian is by far the BEST domestic airline bar none...